Do I Look Like A Role Model?


from the lemonade bottle.

Now tell the truth. Do I

Look like a role model?

To the kid who

Chose me to follow,

Life ain’t nothing

But bitches and impalas.”

–Role Model, Curren$y

This quatrain illustrates a very important component of this project; honesty. It is only through our honest commitment to analyzing our lives, our communities, and our world, that we will make progress towards positive change. The artists, chosen to have their lyrics analyzed on this blog, will be the artists that have similar commitments to honesty.

In this quatrain, Curren$y begins by drawing you a picture of himself. He’s the type of guy to drink straight out of the lemonade bottle. Get a glass? Not him. Now tell the truth, does your mental image of this guy seem like a role model? Answer honestly. If you say yes, you’re either in denial about his lack of etiquette and regard for others that might also want something to drink, or you actually support his objections to society’s concepts of sharing. If you say no, somebody has convinced you that drinking from a lemonade bottle is wrong. Who taught you that? Why is it wrong to just drink your lemonade as it comes, bottled and probably cool out of the refrigerator?

Here’s the big part, comedic yet profound, “To the kid who chose me to follow, life ain’t nothing but bitches and impalas.” Curren$y has made a commitment to be himself (apparently a guy whom likes women and cars–we’ll address the term “bitch” later), but has no aspirations to be a role model. Let’s stop being politically correct. Stop brushing up against controversial issues and jumping away nervously. Now is always the time to dig into the honest truths about ourselves, our communities, and our societies, our wealth disparities, racial inequalities, and prejudices. Metaphorically drink from the lemonade bottle. Challenge yourself and the people around you to understand why we are as we are, why we do as we do.

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